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New Guidance: WHO Consolidated Guidance on Self-Care Interventions for Health

Background Self-care, as defined by the WHO, is the ability of individuals, families and communities to promote health, prevent disease, maintain health and cope with illness and disability with or without the support of a health worker [1]. Self-care interventions, or tools and practices to support self-care, include… Read More

“We end up losing babies for reasons we can easily prevent.” Insights from Annes Mboya, nurse-midwife at Kakuma Refugee Camp

On June 20th, the international community observes World Refugee Day, a day to highlight the voices of the approximately 80 million people, including women and children, who are forced to flee their homes because of violence, war, persecution, or natural disaster, as well as those who serve them. Around the world, midwives, nurses, community health workers, physicians and health care professionals devote their lives – and sometimes risk their safety – to deliver quality, lifesaving care to mothers and newborns. Read More

New Guidance: Updated World Health Organization Recommendations on the Prevention and Treatment of Maternal Peripartum Infections

Background Direct maternal infections around the time of childbirth account for about one-tenth of the global burden of maternal death. Women who develop peripartum infections are also prone to severe morbidity and long-term disabilities such as chronic pelvic pain, fallopian tube blockage, and secondary infertility. Maternal infections before… Read More

Understanding Impact to Guide Recovery from COVID-19

In this post, Gagan Gupta, Maternal and Newborn Health Specialist at UNICEF, explores the provision of essential health services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Gupta highlights the need for countries to use data to drive evidence-based solutions in building resilience during the pandemic recovery. Read More

Meet Dr. T — An Advocate for Aligning Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health

Dr. Tlaleng Mofokeng is a medical doctor, sexual and reproductive health rights expert, and AlignMNH Steering Committee member. Her expertise spans public health, comprehensive sexuality education, training and facilitation, and content production. She is a board member of several initiatives including the Safe Abortion Action Fund and the Global Advisory… Read More

Embarking on a Decade of Action to Promote the Mother-Baby Dyad

Each year, nearly two million infants are stillborn, and almost as many children die within their first month of life as do within their first five years. And, despite a decline in maternal mortality over the past decades, there were still nearly 300,000 maternal deaths in 2017, most of them… Read More